Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's happened

For two and a half years, we have managed to keep T from learning any dirty words. Today, that all changed. And here's how it happened:

My Dad and YaYa took T on the Katapult ride at Busch Gardens this afternoon. In this shot, you can hear my Dad say "Holy Crap!"

And now T says "Holy Crap!"

Dad and YaYa "Hahahahahahahaha."

T "Holy Crap!"

Dad, "Sorry Jube!" YaYa, "Hahahahahah."

T, giggling, "Holy Crap!"

Dad and Yaya, "Hahahahaha."

And folks, this is how my son learned his first (semi) bad word. At least it wasn't my fault.


Becky said...

Alright, that's hilarious. At least now you can always blame it on Dad.

Frank said...

Thanks for a totally enjoyable retelling of the "bad words" saga. Looks like everyone is having the time of their lives.
Hugs to all.

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