Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Small accomplishments

I spent last and this week applying to my first choice nursing program. It's more complicated now that I have to get transcripts from high school and 3 colleges. I have also been tracking down references. It's been nice to catch up with people, but I always hate to feel like I'm imposing. The good news is that I'm down to one reference and payment of the application fee. Ahhhh.

I've also finished the material for the first exam of my telecourse. The course is a joke. It's essentially a health class. I've covered all the material in much more detail in other classes. I'm not really sure why it's a requirement. On the bright side, it's an easy course to finish before I have the baby.

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Cathy said...

Yay - I'm sure they will take one look at your app and take you right away! BTW I am saving some books for you that should really help.

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