Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Poopy Story

We had a great week in Virginia. T was his YaYa's boy all week. Any time he needed to hold a hand, he wanted YaYa's. Any time he went on a a ride, he wanted to sit next to YaYa. I have a point, stay with me.

We also spent the week working on pooping on the potty (well, Ry and I have mastered it, T is still a work in progress). While he hasn't had an accident this week, pooping was a 30-plus minute ordeal every morning. T would cry like we were beating him because he didn't want to poo. Finally he'd get too bored/sad to sit on the toilet anymore and poop.

Thursday after the morning poo we were in the car when YaYa told the following story (illustrated with his magnadoodle): Here's T. He's sad because he has to poopy. Here's his sad face. But then, he makes a happy face and poos. Here's his happy face. T is happy because he pooped in the potty!

Friday morning, Ry told T the Poopy Story, and less than 10 minutes later, he pooped on the toilet. He made his sad face, complete with a few dramatic "Boo Hoo"s. Then he made a happy face and went about his business. This morning, the whole process took less than 5 minutes. And tonight, he went on his own, with no prompting, just before bed. Success!!! We had a one-accident week, and now, T is unafraid to poo on the toilet. Now we just have to work on underwear overnight, and we'll have a completely potty trained toddler. Hooray!!!

We are eternally grateful to YaYa.

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LaLa (aka YaYa) said...

I feel it important to point out that the illustrations were limited to sad faces and happy faces, and did not, in fact, include any "poopy".

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