Friday, September 10, 2010

6 Things: The Nursing School Edition

1. Our class building is February-in-Manitoba cold. I've taken to wearing long pants, long sleeves, socks, close-toed shoes and a hoodie to class. My nose is still cold. A couple of my fellow students have started stealing blankets and sheets from the lab linen carts to huddle under during lecture.

2. Now that F seems to be getting the hang of the whole daycare thing, T has started having difficulty. Every morning this week, he said he didn't want to go to school. Today, he asked if we "could just stay home instead." I think it's finally settled in that I'm really going to be gone all day. When I told him that we couldn't stay home because I had school too, he asked if I could come and get him before his nap. "It takes too long for you to come and get me!" Seriously, my heart is breaking. Of course, when I leave and peek back in after dropping F in his room, T is already playing with the other kids. Still.

3. Our maintenance guy walked into the room to adjust the temperature (Hallelujah!) just as our professor was showing us how to insert a foley catheter on a wall-sized illustration. He tried to look anywhere but there, and our professor turned around, flushed bright red and said (as he left) "Perfect timing. And I see him all the time."

5. Being in a classroom with all women is a strange experience. The senior class has 5 or 6 men. I often muse about how and if the discussions would be different if there were men.

6. Our professor popped my high grade balloon after coming in the morning after our exam and telling us that the exam was too easy. I'm choosing to believe we're just the smartest class they've ever had. I'm also choosing to study really hard for the next exam since it'll probably be impossible.


Lautrel said...

I love that you said "aspirated" instead of "snorted".

Mom said...

I think you are the smartest in the class and that's the truth.

Did it come out your nose?

My heart would have broke as well.

I love you.

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