Monday, September 13, 2010

I can see the future

It's been fun to watch the relationship between the boys evolve. Generally, T is the one doing the annoying, the irritating, the loving and the pestering. Lately though, I've been seeing an interesting scene play out.

T hates it when F turns on the Roomba; so much so that he runs over to turn it off and put it back in place whenever F crawls over to mess with it. For the past couple days, I've watched F crawl over to the Roomba, push the button, and then lift his head up to look around for T. Reliably, T comes to turn off and right the Roomba. F waits for him to get up and walk away before crawling back over to push the button again.

This evening, the drama got still more interesting. After turning on the Roomba, F would hightail it over to Daddy to occupy the lap that T vacated to turn off the Roomba. Unfortunately, F wasn't quite quick enough to make it before T could jump back into the lap. That didn't keep F from trying a good half dozen times. Someday, F will get quicker. Someday, T may realize that he's messing with him.


Becky said...

Get ready for, "Mooooooom. He's touching me!"

RFT said...

After T has turned off the Roomba, he says to F, "You know better than that!" Apparently he does, but the joke's on T. Makes me wonder how many times the joke's on us when we say the same to T.

nana said...

Aren't kids just a lot of fun? I love them.

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