Tuesday, September 21, 2010

First Festival of Fall

Have you ever looked at something for so long and so many times that it just starts to look like wavy lines on paper? That's where I am with studying for my second exam tomorrow. So, instead of continuing to study, I'm going to show you our family trip to the First Festival of the Fall.

How I love fall. It's by far the best time of the year. The air starts to get that crisp feeling, the trees turn beautiful colors and you get to start wearing your sweaters and cute boots again. Alas, it did not feel like fall Sunday. But it was still a beautiful day and we set off for the festival with high spirits.

We wore babies.

We ... well, I don't know what he was doing here. Chewing I think.

We played air T-ball. T is not quite ready for the big leagues, but he did connect a few times.

We bounced.

And we ate ice cream. Chocolate ice cream. In the backpack. Lots of it.

Other stuff we did:
  • Ate more food that doesn't belong on my diet.
  • Watched a "dancer" that reminded me of something I might have done in my bedroom in the 6th grade.
  • Got creeped out by the scary clown on stilts.
  • Watched a magician who didn't realize that his audience was a bunch of preschoolers.
  • Baked in the hot, hot sun.
And stuff we didn't do:
  • Actually buy anything from the myriad vendors. (Knitted toilet-paper covers, really?)
  • Stay for the next act from the "dance" troop.
  • Register for the Baby Crawl.
  • Feel like we wasted our day.

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Cathy said...

Fall is my favorite too, yet we have been 80+ out here, I'm ready for sweaters. Love the photo of Ry and F, nice that he wore F for a change ;)

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