Thursday, September 30, 2010

Division of Labor

It's funny how things just sneak up on you. Ry and I never had a formal discussion about how our division of labor would change once I started school. Somehow though, it did.

Ry is up before me. He generally gets T peed, (partially) fed and dressed before he leaves for work. I'll take over with whatever breakfast is left, teeth brushing, shoe donning and school dropping. Since F sleeps later than anyone else in the morning, I'm usually waking him 30 minutes before we have to leave for school to nurse, change and breakfast him.

Then, I drop the kids at school and go to school myself. When I get home in the afternoon, I unload the dishwasher, reload with breakfast dishes and throw a load of laundry into the wash. Then I fold the load already in the dryer. Then I pick up the kids and spend the rest of the afternoon baby wrangling. When Ry gets home, he takes over the wrangling while I make dinner. We eat and then I give the kids a bath while Ry does dinner dishes. Then I put F to bed, while Ry puts T to bed. When we're done with bedtime, I make lunches for the 4 of us for the next day, while Ry advances the wash to the dryer. Then, and only then, do we collapse on the couch to watch TV/work/study/snuggle.

It didn't occur to me until last night that we have a smoothly-functioning little system going on. The schedule isn't identical every day, but it works like clockwork. This is one of the things I love best about my husband. We didn't have to have a big discussion. There is no kvetching or elaborate planning. We just knew what had to be done and did it. Somewhere along the way some things became my responsibility, and some his. Our lives are peaceful. And that's how I like it best.

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Mom said...

You make a good team.

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