Friday, September 17, 2010

My sunny, funny boy

T turned 3.5 Monday. He's a bright, funny, energetic, friendly little man. He and his brother are about as different as can be. T provides us a constant monologue. He's impulsive, emotional and loud. He's also sweet-natured, smart, and funny. I can't imagine our lives without him.

T is beginning to understand letters (this morning, "RED spells red!"). He's highly mechanical and I'm afraid we'll come downstairs some morning to find he's dismantled our dishwasher. It will be OK, of course, because "Daddy will fix it!" Oh, to have that kind of faith.

So far, T is still blissfully unaware of fashion, but has a strange fixation on shoes. The shoes he's wearing in this picture (with accessorizing pajamas and bathtub mat) are flashing shoes. He simply had to have them when we went back to school shopping a few weeks ago. Now he wants to wear them with all clothing.

He's not particularly into sports, but loves to climb, run, and slide. He's a good eater (even if he gags on anything green these days). Despite that, he's skinny. I have to cinch his pants down as far as they'll go.

Just like Daddy, T loves a good video game. As a matter of fact, he loves just about anything involving a screen. The computer is always his first stop at school in the morning, and every Wii game is his "favorite game!"

T makes me crazy, but he also makes me smile, makes my heart burst with love and pride, and makes me excited for his future. I love you, big man.


nana said...

He certainly has Neena's heart. Love the bath mat wrap.

Jo said...

Great to see him embracing his feminine side! The bath mat somehow works...

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