Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Guinea Pigs

Each time I learn something new, I have 3 guinea pigs at home. F isn't really much help, since he'd rather chew on my equipment than be assessed. Ry submits to my assessment with a kind of amused resignation. T, on the other hand is a very enthusiastic volunteer. He'll sidle up to me and ask if I'll listen to his belly. You bet kiddo!

Do you see the blue pinwheel on T's shirt? It's his stethoscope.


Cathy said...

Does T have good bowel tones? So nice to have people to practice on! If F was about 6 months younger he would be great practice for when you do OB/peds, those baby heart rates are tricky...

Jube said...

He does indeed! I think he's going to be an enthusiastic subject for years to come!

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