Saturday, September 04, 2010

Today, 10 months

My baby boy is 10 months old today. He's long and round and every time I look at his little round face I smile. F is turning into a very happy guy. He cracks up about the craziest little stuff (like bonking my head with his nose) and is very ticklish.

He's crawling all over the place, standing up with help of the furniture, and letting go, only to fall square on his bum. Then he'll look around confusedly, as if to say "what happened?" He takes great joy in getting into his brother's toys, and his brother in turn takes great joy in snatching them away from him.

F is still the strong but silent type. He says "Mama," "Dada," "More" and almost hyperventilates with excitement when it's time to eat or nurse. He's got a little baby-crush on the sweet little old lady who comes into the daycare in the afternoons to watch him. He follows her around the room and she tells me that he's just "the most content little guy!" He has 5 teeth (which is 5 more than his brother had at 10 months), blue (still!) eyes, and a wee bit of hair (which is a wee bit more than his brother had at 10 months).

I'm smitten. I'm in love. I can hardly believe that in 2 short months my baby is going to be a year old. Happy 10 months, little F.

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Mom said...

What a sweet face.I wish I were there to hug and kiss it.

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