Thursday, September 09, 2010

When did this happen, exactly?

Today I pulled out fall clothes for the boys. I buy most of T's clothes the year before, when they're on clearance. Luckily, F has been fitting into lots of T's old stuff. A couple of things struck me.

1. T is in boy sizes. When did that happen, exactly? I can't believe I have a boy. I'm reminded a little more every day that he's not a baby anymore. Today when I picked him up from daycare he said "Mommy, I sure did miss you today. I'm really glad you came to get me." Seriously. We play "baby" now. He curls up on our laps, pretend cries and pretend takes a bottle (not sure where he got the bottle thing. I guess it's better than pretend nursing.) I guess when you play "baby" you aren't one anymore.

2. There's not that big a difference between the boys' clothing now. I actually put one of F's shirts over T's head the other day and was putting his arms in when I realized that it was a little snug. F is very quickly approaching Toddlerhood. Sniffle. My head is spinning with how quickly these past 10 months have gone. I can't imagine our lives without him.

Yes, I realize that both my boys aren't wearing pants and the floor's covered with toys in this picture. Don't judge me.


Cathy said...

But what is T holding on Fs head? And I love the expression F has on his face! Too cute. And we don't like pants much either ;)

Jube said...

He's holding the pirate ship that he and his daddy made. It's just such a typical tableau around here. F is on my lap, looking in awe and terror at his big brother, who is running around "flying" his pirate ship and neither of them are wearing pants. It's our weekend mornings in a nutshell.

jp said...

Hey, pants are overrated.

Jube said...

Totally overrated.

Mom said...

Looks like a couple of kids having a really fun time with their parents who aren't so hung up on the house being spotless. Trust me the time is better spent this way. They'll remember the time Daddy made the ship, Mom was there beside them and not if the bathroom ______ fill in the space, was clean.

I think you all are doing a wonderful job.

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