Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy near Halloween

We completed the annual pumpkin carving last night. T wanted no part of scooping out the pumpkin innards. The previous two years, he was all about the stuff. This year, the texture weirded him out. We still had fun, and in the interest of keeping it toddler-friendly, made happy pumpkins this year. T is much more likely to find things "scary" recently.

Yes, I know the emoticon is backwards. Oops. I didn't notice, but it was the first thing Ry noticed when he looked at my finished handiwork. This seems to be the only expression T can make in front of a camera lately. Should make for years of fun school pictures.


Frank said...

Very cool carving.

Cathy said...

And you can pull out said school pictures and embarass him in his 20s!

nana said...

Wow, what great pumpkins. You can tell Tucker has been growing. He looks thinner and taller.

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