Saturday, October 31, 2009

A puppy goes trick or treating

I'm not sure that T really understood what Halloween was about until today. When we told him he got to dress up like a puppy and get candy he got all kind of excited. Here we are putting the finishing touch on the costume. You can't be a puppy without a puppy nose, after all.

And we're off!

Everyone was really good about not trying to scare him, but some of the houses just had scary stuff up. Our neighbors had a ghost that was motion activated. It completely freaked T out. But how cute is his little face?

Every time he took a step, his little puppy tail wagged. I almost couldn't handle the cuteness.

And here he is with his stash. It wasn't a bad haul for about a dozen houses. People were giving out a surprising variety of stuff. T got candy, chips, stickers, and a bloody fingernail. I picked up a 20-pack of playdough to give out for anybody who didn't want candy. It was the hottest item of the night! I figured we'd end up adding most of it to T's playdough stash. We got cleaned out. Who knew? Playdough for Halloween!


Becky said...

That's pretty cute. I like the puppy costume a lot.

nana said...

Glad you got cleared out of the play doh. Neena got him some this week.

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