Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Reasons I Know I'm Really Pregnant

1. I'm folding clothes on my belly.
2. T is giving his baby brother hugs.
3. My arms fall asleep at least 3 or 4 times per night.
4. Tums are my new best friend.
5. I get up to pee about every 3 hours at night.
6. I have 3 pairs of pants and about about a half dozen shirts that still fit me.
7. Every time I leave someone a voicemail I get a call back immediately, wondering if I'm in labor.
8. I'm exhausted by 6 pm.
9. It feels like an alien is trying to escape my body via my right upper quadrant.
10. I waddle.


nana said...

But can you tie your shoes?

Jenn said...

I wouldn't know. I don't wear shoes that tie right now.

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