Saturday, October 03, 2009

I love fall

I love when the weather starts to turn crisp and the fall harvest festivals start. Our little area of the east has some kind of apple/fall/harvest/pumpkin festival every weekend between now and mid-November. We kicked off the season with a trip to a local orchard with T's new preschool. T insisted on pulling the wagon by himself. Frankly, I was OK with that. Bonus: check out the wagon's name!

Here's T hunting for apple-y treasure. If it were up to him, we would have had buckets and buckets of apples. Somehow I got out of there with only about half a dozen.

Here he is with the fruits of his labor. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful orchard and we made some beautiful apple crisp with our foraging. We are having some friends down this weekend and plan on visiting another orchard. I'm treasuring these last days with our little family of 3. Life is about to get a lot more complicated.


Cathy said...

yum, apple crisp. So you ahve a good recipe? If so please send!

Frank said...

Thanks for my new desktop picture. Too cute.

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